Paul Shepherd and Claudia Petley

Artist Blacksmiths working in Herefordshire

We have been in business for twenty years working on a variety of commissions and making bespoke pieces. The work we do ranges from small interior items such as candlesticks to larger sculptural commissions including gates and railings.

You can order pieces direct or feel free to contact us to discuss ideas.

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A dragon

Paul Shepherd

I began blacksmithing after leaving school in 1986. My training was traditionally focused, and I attended the Rural Development Commission at Salisbury, where I developed my skills and completed my apprenticeship with a love of traditional style ironwork.

It was sharing a workshop with Claudia Petley in 1992 that opened up a new dimension to his work. I saw the potential of combining my traditional skills with modern design.

Since then, my work has progressed from small interior pieces to larger architectural commissions, whilst always striving to maintain precision and integrity, whatever the scale.

In the future, I would like to further develop my designs of gates, railings and window grilles.

Claudia Petley

I work on my designs to the smallest detail until the whole piece is balanced. I particularly consider nature and classical proportions and try to reflect this harmony in my work.

Almost everything I do is put through the fire and forged in some way. I forge steel to a fine point, then scroll, curl or knot it to reveal just how pliable the material is by what can be done with it. I also plait and rivet metal, preferring traditional forging techniques and combining decoration with function.

I specialise in Repoussee work, demonstrated in the Lion and Unicorn centrepiece I made for the gates of Kensington Palace. My work ranges from small interior items to large architectural commissions.

I aim for elegance and precision, using my instinct and feel for my materials to turn a coarse, lifeless piece of steel into something animate and tactile.